What Are The Benefits Of Marble Wall Panels?

It is only natural to like the exquisite appearance of marble. Any space may seem more regal and luxurious by strategically placing patterns on the cloth. The expense involved is by far the most significant drawback associated with it. Marble is an expensive material to work with, whether you want to cover your whole bathroom or add a few accents here and there. However, even though it is the more cost-effective choice, it offers many of the same benefits as the genuine article. Continue reading to learn the reasons why:

1. Panels Of The Highest Quality

The marble wall panels in bathrooms provide a high-quality substitute for natural materials. Igloo Surfaces’ decorative wall panels provide high-performance choices that are resistant to staining and damage and come in various colours and patterns. Additionally, they come with a peace-of-mind warranty that lasts for ten years. A high-end appearance may be achieved in a bathroom without breaking the budget by using wall panels with a marble appearance.

2. Affordable Alternative

The marble wall panels have a well-deserved reputation for luxury and sophistication. On the other hand, this also implies that it comes at an increased cost. In addition to its widespread usage, marble is notable for the ease with which it can be extracted and the number of usable materials it yields compared to other techniques. Consequently, you would be looking at spending thousands of dollars to decorate even the most compact of bathrooms.

3. Marble Effects That Might Be Subtle Or Striking

Traditional marble has lovely natural veins running through it, but they are intrinsic to the stone and cannot be altered in any way. On the other hand, you may have PVC marble wall panels in instances with veining that is either very subtle or quite obvious. In this manner, you can produce the aesthetic you want while maintaining coherence in the design.

4. Durable

PVC wall panels are not only of high quality but also very long-lasting and sturdy. After installation, they have a long lifespan and are often accompanied by a warranty or guarantee. In contrast to other naturally occurring materials, marble is a relatively soft stone, resulting in a higher absorption rate.

5. Waterproof

Because of their water resistance, PVC panels are excellent for bathroom use. When meetings are used, there is no need to clean the grout, which may get contaminated with mould, and there is also no need to clean the tiles themselves.

6. Simple To Put In Place

We all appreciate a fast and straightforward setup, and the marble appearance of PVC panels is just that. Whether you do the bathroom renovation yourself or hire a professional, we enjoy a quick and easy installation. Most of the PVC panels we provide here at Igloo Surfaces are manufactured using a tongue-and-groove construction method, allowing them to interlock with one another readily.

7. It Is Simple To Clean And Maintain Hygiene

PVC panels have a flat surface, which makes it very simple to clean them. All that is required of you is warm soapy water and a cloth, which you can use to wipe off or scrape any places that are difficult to remove. Because bathrooms and showers tend to collect moisture over time, it is a good idea to use a squeegee after each time you use the bathtub or the shower.



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